Future Music of the Golden Charity

“Demélza” 14-02-1997 t/m 09-08-2011


Kamp. Gunhills Silver Dice


Jamoon Troika for Ninell

Chadzo Secret Admirer
Halebourne Molly Malone of Jamoon

Gunhills Darby

Sansue Castalian
Gunhills Betty


No Dreams of The Helleacious Acres


Ch.W.’93 Lux.Ch. Waterloo’s Rock around the Clock

Ch. Mjærumhøgda’s Limelight
Garbank Giselle

DTS & VDH Ch Westley Cathrina

Sh.Ch. Stirchley Saxon
Westley Julianna
HD / ED / Eyes HD: TC   Elbows: 0-0